Tuesday, July 28, 2009

When hobbies collide

My dad is a very accomplished self-published author. He's in dire need of doing his fourth printing now (at least I think it's four) but had just finished writing his third book and wants to print that at the same time.

Now watch how my two favorite hobbies come crashing into each other. That's right. I'm working on an edit for him as well as being tasked to paint the cover. The first two covers (see above) were nothing short of inspired. Usually I can spend months working on and oil painting (not to mention the half finished ones in my basement) but these two paintings came together so well it was like someone was dipping my brushes and moving my hands for me.

I don't know if my dad can say the same for the manuscripts, but I feel they are also divinely inspired. The principles taught in these works have probably helped more people than there are copies out there.

Look at me, I'm practically purring. So while I read and edit, I'll also be up to my elbows in oil paints. How did I get to be so lucky as to have my two favorite hobbies colliding in such a fantastic way? Gotta know the author.

P.S. the books are called The Cedar Post, Tears of Joy and the forthcoming Flypaper. You can purchase them at www.jackrosebooks.com

Monday, July 27, 2009

Publishing, potty-training and violence

12th Dimension R.A.G.E. is the title of the book I am currently trying to get published. I say "trying to" because if you've done even a modicum of research into the publishing industry, you'll discover that getting published is about as easy as getting my three-year-old to use the toilette. Some days I truly believe I will be published and walking down the red carpet to the premier of RAGE the movie before the lad will be potty trained.

So I'm focusing on realistic goals--like getting 12th Dimension R.A.G.E. published. Now lest you think the mother of four children can only write prissy, feel-good books, a word of caution. RAGE is not for the faint of heart. A fantastic mixture of science fiction and pulse pounding thrills, this novel has taken all the aggression I don't unleash on my children (except for the seriously rough times--see above notation about potty-training) and enveloped it into a rich plot with more than a little violence.

I've been told on more than one occasion that I'm too nice. I chuckle under my breath and make myself feel better by writing a few paragraphs that involves some shooting and a whole lot of electricity. Of course laying it all out like this might make you believe me to be some sort of closet sadist. I have to say I haven't just written a book of gratuitous violence. Nope. RAGE has a great deal of teaching principles and a main character who abhors the violence I so rudely lay at her feet.

Summation: Publishing + pottytraining = unattainable goals...no wait...RAGE embodies my violent tendencies....hold on....

Okay...violence will not get you anywhere outside of a novel. At some point you have to dig down and find the depth of your character that will help you to accomplish those impossible endeavors...like potty-training and publishing.

Blogging for the sake of blogging

So here's my first blog post on my most fantabulous new blog. Why do I want to blog? Well, 1. because I don't spend nearly enough time on my computer 2. I don't write enough and 3. I have tons of time to flush down the toilet. Okay seriously folks, as the mother of four children, 1 dog and a hefty amount of freeloading house flies, I shouldn't have time to scratch my nose much less find time to obsess about writing and the occasional art project.

As with all obsessions, they should be nourished and fed with great consistency. This blog will not be about my children's milestones (there's another blog for that), no this will be about feeding my writing obsession to it's greatest potential. But first....procrastination....