Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2012 Will Birth a Trilogy

You heard that right. Er, if you've been following my blog at all you already know all this but I'm going to spout about it anyway.

Yes. 2012 will birth a trilogy. Actually it will probably birth a whole lot of them, some starting with the first book, others finishing with their third...but I ramble. There is only one I'm supremely interested in.

The first book in the 12th Dimension Trilogy, R.A.G.E., by yours truly, will be released late 2012.

I'd like to say I have an exact release date. Right now it's tentatively planned for 12/12/12.

I know cool right? The first in the 12th Dimension Trilogy released on such an awesome once in a life time date like that.

I'm only telling you this because it's time for you to start working on your Christmas lists for next Christmas. And saving. Perfect for all the people on your lists who like action, adventure, lightning, guns, crazy people and love. Come on. That's everyone. Right?

So my New Years Resolution this year involves: finishing the last book in the trilogy before the first one comes out. That's right. I have an entire manuscript to write before December. Now having already finished two it should be old hat. Right? Um. Actually I'm staring at the measly 5,079 I have finished of said manuscript and am wondering how in the !@#$ I did it the first two times.

Don't worry about me. Finishing is a New Years resolution and those are never broken. Right? Right . . .?!?!

What resolutions are you determined not to break?